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A Guide to Disaster Recovery Using BMC Helix Discovery

Organizations in the modern digital era usually have mission-centric, sensitive information that should never be at risk of loss and leakage. Cybersecurity has been a challenge and a priority for various sectors. Every sensible entrepreneur would invest in a shield to protect sensitive data, as the cost due to cyber attacks has been ever-growing in the last few years. Moreover, the cyber attack threat is not limited to big corporations. Even small to medium businesses have been victimized. These alarming facts underline the need to adopt cybersecurity tools and efficient disaster recovery systems.

A disaster is an unplanned event impacting the continuity of your business. Therefore, you must be prepared to combat such events. Disaster recovery and effective cybersecurity are critical concerns for IT teams as they monitor your organization’s IT infrastructure. It is a burning need to have an effective disaster recovery strategy to minimize the impact of any such threats.

This brief guide takes you through various technical aspects of disaster recovery using BMC Helix Discovery. Keep reading to understand the meaning of BMC Helix Discovery and how you can leverage its features to ensure efficient disaster recovery.

BMC Helix Discovery: A Quick Recap

BMC Helix Discovery has been a globally preferred, SaaS-based cloud-native dependency modeling and discovery system for many years. The solution provides excellent scanning capabilities into the cloud for a holistic and dynamic view of data center infrastructure and cloud services.

Steps to Ensure Data Safety within Your Organizations

Your IT team needs to ensure data safety and take necessary measures for disaster recovery in case of any mishap. Let’s discuss some critical steps your IT team should take to get the crucial information back once it is lost due to some failure or unwanted, unpredicted incidence:

1. Know Your Deployment Architecture
The first and foremost requirement would be to understand your deployment architecture. The IT team should know how the BMC Helix service provider has deployed the solution for you. Secondly, as the environment is constantly changing due to numerous new entries and other operations, it is crucial to ensure compliance.

The IT team should know the tech stack and the dependencies between the resources. It is advisable to take all security measures and update all necessary protocols periodically.

2. Business Application Modeling
Ensure you have enabled the visibility of the interconnectivity between the business applications your teams use. It is necessary to deploy SAAM (start Anywhere Application Modeling) to get a clear view of all the entry points and all the nodes between the business apps you utilize.

Business Application Modeling helps you achieve better transparency by aligning your business processes with IT and operations. You can standardize business best practices and optimize business system requirements through this initiative effectively.

3. Marking Your Crucial Assets
Identify your crucial business resources, services, and assets. This step can be critical to neutralize the impact of a disaster. It ensures faster recovery after a disaster.

Marking your most critical resources, services, and assets will help you recognize which nodes require additional effective defenses. That way, you can be prepared to combat a disaster efficiently, ensure a minimal impact on your business systems, and recover from it faster.

4. Automating Discovery Process
BMC Discovery allows you to automate your infrastructure discovery process. Also, it is practical to automate the discovery of dependencies, cloud resources, software solutions, and hardware components.

You can automatically obtain an inventory of assets and their dependencies through BMC Helix. This feature helps you attain a higher level of security and compliance. Creating an accurate repository will be a crucial step in recognizing the impact of a disaster and isolating the affected elements. Thus, you can expect faster recovery.

5. Effective Risk Mitigation
BMC Helix provides complete visibility of your infrastructure and thus allows you to effectively mitigate the risks. You may have an on-premise or cloud-based environment. Proper infrastructure visibility is the key to decreasing the risk of attacks and outages.

Through the visibility provided by BMC Discovery, your organization can mitigate risks of outages, minimize the impact of outages, have complete coverage of distributed infrastructure, reduce vulnerabilities, and decommission the assets faster whenever required. By adopting the steps discussed above, you can effectively use BMC Helix Discovery’s features to reduce the risks of mishaps and take necessary steps for faster recovery whenever an outage occurs.

Working closely with the BMC-Certified experts from the BMC Helix Discovery implementation partners like us becomes crucial to ensure the proper deployment of features for disaster recovery.

If found necessary, Zivra Technologies, the best BMC Helix Discovery service provider, organizes technical training for your IT team to upgrade their skills and make them technically sound in operating and troubleshooting the solution.

BMC Discovery Cluster Deployment

We have already discussed Business Application Modeling in the last segment of this article. Similarly, Dynamic Service Modeling is another crucial aspect of BMC Helix Discovery for disaster recovery.

BMC Helix Service Providers like us are well-versed in deploying a cluster. This BMC Discovery cluster continues to function when a zone is lost. Thus, it assures high availability and continuation of your business during a disaster.

The cluster aims to continue your business operations with a considerably lower capacity while ensuring zero data loss. We deploy three zones in BMC Helix Discovery to guarantee a second zone for replication.

We are well aware of the technicalities in BMC Helix deployment. It is important to note that deploying two zones may not be sufficient when a zone fails. The second zone may not work, and you may lose your initial saves.

Thus, we deploy 3 zones in a single region. We also deploy virtual machines within the zone with low latency and high bandwidth. Similarly, we are well versed in deploying the standby cluster to ensure zero data loss and recovery with minimal downtime.

Thus, we would help you place a backup/recovery set-up. We ensure that your system withstands the loss of a zone by deploying the other two zones to function.

BMC Discovery Cluster Deployment

Your journey to effective and faster disaster recovery begins with joining forces with a globally recognized BMC Helix Discovery Service Provider like us. Zivra Technologies has been a preferred implementation partner for many clients across various sectors.

We have a fleet of BMC-Certified IT professionals to take care of discussing your business-specific needs and customizing the solution accordingly. You can rest assured that the project to adopt this incredible solution will be in safe and able hands.

We have product expertise, in-depth technical knowledge, and extensive experience deploying BMC helix Discovery. Therefore, you can rely on us to take you through the digital transformation journey.

Our BMC Helix Discovery experts ensure you obtain the best features and benefits. Your organization will always be prepared to combat security threats. We help you take necessary precautionary measures to minimize threats and faster recovery with zero data loss and the least possible downtime in case of any disaster.


The guide takes you through the necessary steps to enable disaster recovery while adopting BMC Helix Discovery. We hope that the technicalities covered in this guide help you understand how to attain faster disaster recovery with BMC Helix Discovery.

Similarly, it highlights the significance of choosing the best BMC Helix Discovery Partner to ensure that you make the most of the solution and minimize the impact of disasters in the long run. Join forces with us to adopt BMC Helix Discovery and benefit from our product expertise to transform your organization.

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