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Your Most Preferred Amazon Web Services Implementation Partners

Enhancing IT Infrastructure with Next-gen Cloud-based Solutions

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About the Solution

Inventive and widely used, Amazon Web Services (AWS)M is a cloud-based platform with an extensive range of solutions and products built on cutting-edge infrastructure and emerging technologies. It is helping organizations become the best versions of themselves. Amazon Web Services Managed Services help you get the appropriate tools deployed with the necessary customization.

AWS solutions span many business elements and industry verticals and are offered from over 200 fully featured and functional data centers. As AWS Premier Consulting Partners, we support organizations in achieving higher performance levels, faster innovation, and reduced costs.

The solutions enable users to quickly and easily create several solutions and applications. As AWS Managed Service Providers, we discuss your business goals and suggest and implement solutions to suit your technology needs.

Zivra Technologies is prepared to serve all of your computing, storage, database, security, and networking cloud requirements, as AWS Global Premier Consulting Partners. Our certified solution architects and verified professionals provide the necessary subject-matter expertise and technical experience for your cloud migrations, test automation, deployment, and continuous optimization.

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Overview of Products & Services AWS Offers

As a reputed AWS Managed Service Provider, we help you adopt the following AWS products and services:

Delivery of Content and Networking
They can operate any task on AWS's extremely dependable, secure, fast networking services.

Development Tools
Organizations can create, develop, test, and deploy their apps to AWS through a wide range of developer tools it offers.

Its robotic cloud solutions enable secure, scalable simulation, testing, and deployment of robotics-based applications.

Internet of Things
Its IoT solutions assist business owners in creating IoT-based systems for Smart homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

It enables businesses from various industrial sectors to develop captivating and immersive 3-D front-end experiences.

It makes it possible for companies to create blockchain and ledger-based apps more quickly and effectively.

AWS Enhances Your Technical Capabilities

Through AWS Implementation, we help you achieve and enhance the following technical capabilities:

Migration & Transfer
Businesses may transition to AWS and get benefits more quickly through its extensive selection of migration tools and services.

The Media Services
Businesses can quickly and easily create, transform, and publish digital content thanks to its purpose-built media services.

App Development
Businesses can create mobile and web-based applications more quickly thanks to a collection of tools and services offered by AWS, like AWS-managed Kubernetes.

It gives companies a safe, dependable, and expandable location to store their data in the cloud. The billing is according to the storage space and directory objects used, as per the AWS Managed Active Directory Pricing.

Gaming Technology
It enables gaming firms to create entertaining games quickly and effectively.


Benefits of Using AWS Managed Services

Our AWS Cloud Managed Services help your organizations obtain the following features and benefits:

Transforming Applications with AWS Cloud
Businesses may integrate business and IT strategies for increased agility and resilience by using AWS Cloud with the right expertise partners. We offer AWS Support Services to help you execute such integrations.

Strategy for Cloud Migration
Enterprises can create a suitable plan and roadmap for modernizing their applications and databases with the help of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework 3.0. Our AWS Cloudformation Supported Services help you to migrate digital workloads to the AWS cloud.

Modernization of the Infrastructure
Embrace IaC and deployment technologies while utilizing automated infrastructure modernization and management skills to deliver cloud agility. AWS Enterprise Support Infrastructure Event Management provides the architecture and scaling guidance during planned events, like migration or product launches.

So, your infrastructure modernization projects can be completed without compromising the commitment to serve your customers.

Serverless Applications
Serverless, cloud-native applications enable organizations to speed up time to market, conduct experimentation with the least administrative burden, and save development time.


Why Choose Us As Your AWS Consulting Partners

We are a globally recognized AWS Public Sector Partner. If you need specialized knowledge or delivery capacity, our team provides high-quality, high-value, and reasonably priced AWS solutions tailored to your cloud needs.

Our certified and experienced Amazon Cloud Support Associates guide you through the AWS migration and implementation process. We provide expert technical advice, create a roadmap for your migration and infrastructure modernization, and execute cloud-native deployment, migration, and implementation, adhering to AWS Regulatory Compliance.

Similarly, our exceptional Amazon Web Services Customer Support will provide you with complete peace of mind as we resolve your technical issues in minimal downtime.

Get in touch with us by filling out the form below to discuss your AWS cloud migration, app modernization, and deployment needs. Our customer service team will resolve your queries, discuss your requirements, and connect you with our AWS Cloud experts to help you understand what best we can do. Join forces with us today to create a better future.


How May We Help You!

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Amazon Web Services (AWS): Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a globally well-adopted, secure, and the most comprehensive cloud platform to migrate digital workloads and build apps, websites, and processes. AWS offers more than 200 well-designed, feature-rich services through data centers. We provide Amazon Web Services Managed Services to select, customize, develop, deploy, and support appropriate solutions to suit your cloud needs.

Amazon Web Services offers some services for free with limited features for AWS customers. However, the AWS free tier is suitable for hands-on experience on AWS. The AWS Cloud Managed Services help you switch to appropriate subscription plans as per your scalability needs at a reasonable AWS Enterprise Support Pricing.

Our AWS Managed Services and implementation projects include strategizing AWS cloud migration, executing digital workload migration, and offering AWS Support Services. Thus, AWS Enterprise Support Pricing would be customized to your needs.

As recognized AWS Premier Consulting Partners, we possess the required team of AWS-Certified cloud specialists, in-depth product expertise, and extensive AWS cloud migration, implementation, and infrastructure modernization experience. Executing AWS cloud migration without an expert on your side may be risky. So, it is wise to join forces with us to adopt AWS.

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