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microsoft dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Globally Recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners

Enabling Next-Gen Operations Management

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent company management solution that combines ERP and CRM and integrates customers, products, people, and processes. It helps businesses grow and evolve.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of intelligent business applications that help businesses manage all facets of their operations and provide consistently better results thanks to predictive artificial intelligence (AI) powered Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 goes beyond the usual scope of ERP and CRM, including areas that were not even imagined until a few years ago. For small and mid-sized businesses, there is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP; for large corporate companies, there is Dynamics 365 For Finance And Operations Enterprise Edition. The business management tool provides a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance And Operations Overview.

The Dynamics 365 suite also includes functions for customer engagement, sales, marketing, customer service, field service, project operations, and human resources. The various parts of the Power platform are located next to the Dynamics 365 suite and exponentially boosts its power.

microsoft dynamics 365 features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

  • End-to-end connection with all Office 365, Microsoft ERP, CRM, and BI App suites.

  • Reliable, easier to understand, and more intuitive

  • Reduces the need for customization because it has prebuilt industry-specific features

  • The unified model unites all apps' data in one location

  • Unrestricted by Device: Use with a Mac, PC, smartphone, or tablet

  • Excellent potential for growth with Microsoft's business suites

  • End of concerns about maintaining on-premise infrastructure

  • Choices for pay-as-you-go licensing and deployment

  • Quick and economical implementation

  • Greater versatility and functionality

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365, working with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Experts Providing Services, may be your most steadfast move thus far in digital transformation. All facets of your business operations are covered by Dynamics 365's components. These parts function separately and when seamlessly integrated. Some of the most potent benefits Dynamics 365 offers you include:

Expand at your own rate
You can begin with what you require and continue to add additional D365 apps as your requirements grow. We help you in Mastering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and other solutions appropriate to your business needs.

Develop Insights
You gain "real-time insights" from D365 on several facets of your organization. You can operate your business even more successfully if you have
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Insights

microsoft dynamics 365 benefits

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Zivra Technologies is a recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Third-Party Vendor, offering an array of services to a global clientele. We possess certified IT consultants with impressive product expertise to execute your projects. Similarly, we have rich experience in providing consultations, migration, implementation, and solution development and offering unmatched technical support to clients from various sectors.

Please share your requirements by filling up the form below, and our customer support executive will contact you soon to resolve your service-related queries. Join forces with us for a better tomorrow.

microsoft dynamics 365 implementation

Common Data Service for Microsoft

The CDS provides the firm with an integrated data set and aids in breaking down barriers between business platforms. This increases the depth of insights and decision-making efficiency.



You may access Microsoft Azure's top-notch security infrastructure through Dynamics 365 in the cloud. Be it the data centers' physical security, network connectivity, access controls, backup procedures, or protection from malware and virus attacks. Security on Azure is far superior to what is possible with an on-premises installation.


AI's democratization

Artificial intelligence is now being included in the majority of D365's components. To use Dynamics 365's AI capabilities, you don't have to be a data scientist. Microsoft keeps enhancing this component of its product line.


Adoption Flexibility

You can deploy the solution on-premises or on the cloud for several D365 components (such as Finance, SCM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential). Some solution components are only available on the cloud.


Usage-based Billing

Only the licenses included in your monthly membership are charged. The choice to scale up or down is yours. The minimum number of users required for the Finance and SCM components is 20. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Small businesses helps you make effective and optimum use of the tools you need.


Productivity Boosting

Dynamics 365 provides the ability to leverage "Insights" and all the tools required to manage daily operations. This empowers your users to accomplish more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation will help your business streamline task allocation and seamlessly track project progress.

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 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Third-Party Vendor

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an Operations Management Solution that combines the features of a CRM and an ERP. The solution comes with several components to choose from. As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Third-Party Vendor, we analyze the nature of your business. We suggest and implement the right solution components by selecting an appropriate deployment model to suit your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 synchronizes wide-ranging business operations, including but not limited to sales, marketing, customer support, supply chain management, and more. It helps you get your operational data in one place, improve productivity, and get actionable insights for data-driven decision-making. As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Vendor, we customize, deploy, and support the solution as per your business-specific needs.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing depends upon various project and execution-related aspects and the project scope. Contact our IT experts to get custom pricing as per your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has 3 different implementation models. It can be deployed on-premise, on the cloud, or as a hybrid model. Trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners will analyze your IT infrastructure and business needs, choose a suitable deployment model, and deploy the solution for your business.

It is wise to join hands with an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 third-party vendor like Zivra Technologies, as customization, deployment, support, and migrating digital workloads require high-level product expertise and technical capabilities.

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