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Most Trusted Global Oracle Certified GOLD Partners

Enhancing Agility and Scalability Through Oracle Cloud Implementation, Migration, & Managed Services

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Understanding Oracle Enterprise Cloud

Innovative IT operations management solutions are Zivra Technologies area of expertise. With the solid architecture and redesigned IT procedures provided by Oracle Financials Cloud solutions developed for effective cloud deployments, we guarantee you an optimum ROI.

Oracle Financial Services Software helps you increase the potential of your firm through open and modular cloud-based digital capabilities. We are the most trusted Oracle Third-Party Vendor in India, delivering an excellent strategic framework to unify platforms, digitize business models, and automate processes to improve services, increase value, and cut costs.

As a recognized Oracle Service Provider, we customize and deploy Oracle Analytics Cloud to make your business-relevant data highly available and accessible. The solution helps you get real-time operations insights for better decision-making capabilities.

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Features & Benefits of Oracle Cloud

Higher Availability And Performance

You achieve better performance advantages by combining cloud computing resources than by employing your own dedicated server hardware. You can experience a drastic increase in the processing speed of your business apps as you switch to Oracle Cloud. Due to their distribution over several cloud facilities, cloud services also provide high availability with zero downtime.

Greater Accessibility

Every branch or office across several states or countries is accessible from anywhere, using any device. The increased accessibility affects customers and clients as well as staff; they can log in to an account and view their information. This makes sure that everyone, whether they are in the office or on the go, has the most recent information.

Rapid Deployment Of Applications

Every branch or office across several states or countries is accessible from anywhere, using any device. The increased accessibility affects customers and clients as well as staff; they can log in to an account and view their information. This makes sure that everyone, whether they are in the office or on the go, has the most recent information.

Oracle Services We Offer

As an Oracle Gold Partner, Zivra Technologies offers resource & technology consulting services that regularly go above and beyond client expectations while following best practices and quality norms. We offer an array of Oracle Services, including:

Oracle Cloud Consulting Services

The evolving Oracle Cloud adoption options are revolutionizing businesses. We are globally recognized for Oracle Cloud Consulting and reputed Oracle Gold Partners. We help our clients draw their multi-cloud strategies, and guide them through the transformation journey to help them have a competitive edge.
We evaluate your requirements and make recommendations for Oracle Cloud Solutions that are the ideal fit for your systems and workloads. Join forces with us to obtain expert insights and project execution guidelines for:

- Oracle Cloud Strategy
- Oracle Cloud Architecture & Design
- Business Continuity
- Oracle Cloud Cybersecurity

oracle cloud consulting services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

Zivra Technologies offers end-to-end, unified, and comprehensive infrastructure services to boost productivity, enhance quality, and look into new possibilities to hasten the digital transformation path of our clients.

It is challenging to adopt methods that push IT toward an as-a-service paradigm while also building a flexible, scalable, and economical IT infrastructure. With our extensive experience dealing with Oracle Cloud, we plan, develop, create, and integrate IaaS solutions across private, public, and multi-cloud environments.

We provide a complete range of Oracle Managed Cloud Services and data center management capabilities for sophisticated businesses across various sectors.

oracle cloud infrastructure services

Cloud Migration Services

If you are looking for the most reliable Oracle Cloud Migration service provider, look no further and assign this responsibility to Zivra Technologies, as we are Oracle Certified Gold Partners. Our Oracle cloud experts add tangible business value and make the transformation of switching to Oracle Cloud smoother for your businesses.

We help you draw and execute a well-thought cloud migration strategy to pave the path to effective DevOps, better data integration, and automation. We help you in Oracle Database Migration to AWS Cloud to suit your tech needs. We also specialize in Oracle cloud vmware solutions.

Our Oracle Cloud Migration Services aim to modernize your business by striking the right balance between innovation, agility, scalability, and security by implementing the most-suited suite of Oracle Cloud Solutions.

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Oracle Integrations Cloud

Our Oracle Cloud integration Services complement your digitization journey by connecting wide-ranging Oracle solutions on-premise and on the cloud, including Oracle Middleware, IoT applications, and mobile applications.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

Oracle Fusion, which is continuously ranked as the best enterprise grade cloud ERP solution, is also recognised and positioned as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP solutions. Zivra Technologies has been an Oracle Certified Gold Partner for many years. We customize, modernize, and deploy Oracle Fusion Applications to revolutionize your business and speed up time to value.

As a reputable Oracle Gold Partner, we are dedicated to providing our clients with efficient, dependable, and quick business results while deploying Oracle Fusion Middleware. We enable our clients to automate and accelerate project delivery while saving them a considerable amount of time and money. These qualities make us unique in the industry.

In addition to setting up your Oracle Cloud infrastructure and transferring workloads to Oracle PaaS, we also design adapters to link your third-party apps to Oracle Cloud or on-premise Oracle applications.


Oracle Cloud Development & Enhancement

If your business applications need upgrades, updates, or purpose-specific add-ons, we develop and enhance them to suit your needs. Similarly, we build, deploy, and support custom applications for your operation-specific requirements, such as:

- Oracle Supply Chain Management
- Oracle Cloud Supplier Management
- Oracle Inventory Management
- Oracle Real Estate Management Cloud


JD Edwards Solutions

The full spectrum of JD Edwards apps and versions can be supported on the cloud by Zivra Technologies, an Oracle Certified Gold Partner, and an expert Oracle JD Edwards implementation partner. Our Oracle Cloud professionals can assist the company in managing JD Edwards's solutions from beginning to end. Our project strategy and tried-and-true implementation methodology help us comprehend client needs and create the procedures needed to meet corporate goals.


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

Our Oracle E-Business Suite offerings include:

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Supply Chain Management (SCM)
- Oracle Financials Application, And Procurement

The Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service helps you get instant actionable insights to improve your decision-making. Ultimately, Oracle E-Business Suite Reporting Tools enhance your visibility into various operations and help you take quick and correct decisions to attain the best possible productivity.


Oracle Cloud Platform Management

Businesses collaborate with various providers to get the best results possible, but maintaining a multi-cloud environment is difficult. Migrating your digital workload to Oracle Cloud might be a wise strategic decision. However, managing the Oracle Cloud platform by yourself may cause diversion from your core business. You may need to look after various infrastructure issues, cost overruns, security threats, and other related issues. So, digital transformation and your moves towards innovation might be challenging.

Zivra Technologies overcomes this difficulty by giving you access to Oracle cloud management framework. We offer you the finest alternative for your company, whether you are an operations-focused, devops-focused, or governance-focused platform. We equip businesses with the information, know-how, and expertise they need to match architectural choices with their operational requirements.


Oracle Cloud Security & Compliance

With the introduction of cloud services, cloud security has become a need that businesses cannot ignore. Effective cloud security to match the industry standards is crucial In order to protect the data, data centers, and mission-critical information. Customers are moving their apps and data to the cloud.

With the help of cloud initiatives and business best practices, Zivra Technologies offers complete security services for the cloud that address compliance challenges related to cloud security. We proactively identify and counteract threats to sensitive data and systems, deploy preventive security measures like Oracle Identity And Access Management, and prioritize enabling safe corporate service delivery and regulatory compliance.

oracle cloud security

Benefits of Working with a Reputed Oracle Certified Gold Partner

As a global Oracle Gold Partner, Zivra Technologies is the one-stop solution for all your tech needs during a digital transformation journey.

- We assign your Oracle Cloud implementation projects to our team of Oracle-Certified IT professionals to ensure you will always have experienced technologists with product expertise beyond your expectations.

- We specialize in Oracle PaaS and IaaS Cloud Services, Oracle cloud infrastructure services, Oracle Data Guard, Data Sync, Golden Gate, and Enterprise Manager.

- We assist you with managing Oracle assets with appropriate Oracle licensing and subscriptions to suit your technology needs.

- We help you integrate your on-premise apps with the Oracle cloud environment smoothly. We deploy proficient automation tooling and proactively manage the Oracle Cloud platform throughout its lifecycle.

- We specialize migrating your workloads to Oracle Cloud seamlessly, by leveraging data sync tools, on-prem installers, and GUI tools, to ensure smoother migration of any size of data files.

- We offer holistic post-implementation support by managing your Oracle Cloud Platform and providing prompt technical support to resolve any issues with a minimal downtime.


Rely on us as we are the most trusted Oracle Gold Partners and Oracle Third-Party Vendors in India. We build, implement, run, support, and manage the Oracle Cloud Platform considering your business-specific requirements. We have worked with hundreds of clients from various sectors, guiding them through digital transformation by deploying Oracle for them. Reach out by filling out the form below to discuss your Oracle Cloud consulting and deployment needs. Contact us so that we can provide you with prompt answers to your questions from our customer service team. Join forces with us today to create a better future.


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Oracle Cloud: Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle management cloud is a business applications suite that integrates management, monitoring, and analytics cloud services powered by machine learning and big data analytics. We, being the best Oracle third-party vendor in India, implement this solution to suit your tech needs.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a revolutionary order management tool. It helps you to track orders, streamline order processing, and maintain effective visibility and control throughout the order lifecycle. As Oracle service providers, we customize and deploy this solution for your business.

Oracle advanced security is an add-on service for Oracle cloud environments to ensure data encryption, effective network security, and enterprise-level user access management.

Oracle Cloud Pricing mainly relies on what services you need. Contact our Oracle cloud experts to get a customized quote according to your consulting, implementation, migration, platform management, and support needs.

Choosing appropriate Oracle cloud solutions, customizing them to your business-specific technology needs, developing, implementation, and technical support requires a high-level product expertise and experience. Therefore, it is wise to join forces with Oracle Managed Service Providers so that they can take care of these technical aspects while you can concentrate on your core business activities.

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