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Use our knowledge and extensive tech background to create a comprehensive IT plan for your digital and technological transformation that corresponds with your business objectives. Our strategic IT consulting services will help you automate and digitize tasks, optimize your software portfolio, and integrate cutting-edge technology.

IT Consultating

IT Consulting Meaning

Technology consulting or IT Consulting refers to services that assist clients in determining how to best use information technology (IT) and digital services to meet their business objectives. IT consulting services include both advice and implementation services but do not include transactional IT tasks.

IT Consulting Meaning

How Our IT Consulting Works

Zivra Technologies is the most reputed IT Consulting company in India. We offer IT consultancy services to assist you in enhancing your software architecture, creating a tech-driven digital transformation strategy, and maximizing your software portfolio. Our software engineers will bring your digital transformation journey to a successful conclusion by carefully planning and implementing the required IT strategy.

The following are the steps through which we provide IT Consulting:



As the best IT Consulting company, we discuss the viability of your project and set the business goals and procedures for your system.



As the most trusted IT Consulting and Services Company, we examine your IT support services and determine how they might be converted to new technologies to meet your business objectives.



We create a roadmap and strategy to assist your company in adapting new technologies and streamlining your software infrastructure. We then establish software and employee KPIs.



Our IT Consulting Service team will create the product using industry best practices to ensure you get the most out of your IT investments.



There is always room for growth. We constantly strive to stay on the cutting edge of IT technology to have a first-mover advantage.



Use your synthesis from the previous step to develop recommendations for your client.


IT Consulting Services We Offer

  • Consultancy for Software Launches

    We can assist you with planning a new software solution (mobile, online, desktop, or SaaS) or evaluating your existing system for improvements. Our Software Consulting Professionals assist you in selecting the appropriate technology stack, improving designs, and estimating projected ROI, time, and costs.

  • Identification of the Technological Stack

    Do you have no clue or do not have the time to investigate which technology is best for your business? We specialize in IT Services & IT Consulting and help you choose the appropriate technology to take your organization to a new level of market advantage.

  • Consultation on Software Compliance

    We are a recognized IT Service & staffing company aiming to create and deliver custom software applications that meet industry requirements and regulations. We help you align your software development and quality assurance procedures to industry standards and regulations.

  • Consultancy for Software Integration and Improvement

    We help you enrich existing software applications, improve their features and value, and transform them by leveraging emerging technologies like Blockchain technology, IoT, AI, and cloud computing. Your solution will be more secure and scalable than before.

Technologies We Cover

Blockchain Innovation

With our software strategy advice and experience working with over 20 Fortune 500 companies, we can help you uncover the potential of Blockchain for your business idea.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We change businesses with next-generation AI software solutions based on our expertise in Machine Learning, RPA, Image Processing, and Deep Learning models.

Augmented Reality (AR)

We help you transform concepts into real-world AR applications. Use the assurance of AR to perform critical jobs and become more proficient.

Web and Mobile Apps

We are the most reliable IT Consulting company in Saudi Arabia. Our team can help you build a successful mobile/web app from the ground up, giving full support from concept to launch.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With extensive knowledge of IoT systems and developments, our IoT professionals design and build secure IoT solutions that allow you to collect massive amounts of data and improve critical processes.

Travel & Hospitality

We specialize in building modern solutions for travel and hospitality, like payment gateways, kiosks, eTicketing systems, travel and hotel booking portals, ERPs, and more.

Industries We Serve for IT Consulting


Turning company concepts into user-friendly digital solutions for next-generation startups.


Digitize the automobile sector by using linked smartphone apps to remotely manage vehicles and improve the manufacturing process.


Using cutting-edge technologies to streamline logistical procedures and reduce operational barriers.


We offer customized software solutions to automate manufacturing processes and cut operational costs.

Retail & Ecommerce

We offer customized software solutions to automate manufacturing processes and cut operational costs.

Tourism and Hospitality

We help you build excellent travel technology solutions to enhance your productivity. We assure better experiences for your passengers and staff.


We automate complex operations for fast payment settlements and increase the speed and security of financial transactions.


Enhancing healthcare services for individuals and healthcare professionals by automating health checks at a lower cost and in less time.

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IT Consulting: Frequently Asked Questions

IT Consulting includes advice to adopt suitable IT strategies for your business objectives and processes. As the best IT consulting company, we suggest tech stack upgrades and implement IT changes leveraging our expertise.

We are the most trusted IT Consulting Company in Saudi Arabia, providing technical advice to a global clientele from various sectors. The IT Consulting cost can be calculated based on project scope and other technicalities. Contact our IT experts for a customized quote as per your business-specific requirements.

Your organization must consider the following to choose the IT services and consulting partner:

Technical expertise in the latest IT services,
Experience in guiding organizations of various sizes,
Ability to suggest IT changes for organizations in numerous sectors, and Availability of talented IT experts.

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