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Outsourcing Software Development to
ZIVRA = Peace of Mind

Outsourcing software development to ZIVRA means peace of mind. As one of the top IT outsourcing companies, we stay on schedule, scale the teams and ensure product quality. Even when working remotely with us, you have flexibility, and full control over the project just like your in-house team.

Here are some other reasons that make us one of the top software development companies in Riyadh.

  • 100% client satisfaction
  • No box approach
  • Shorter time to market
  • Highly Creative & Motivated Teams
  • We Understand Business Needs
  • Quality & Security Adherence
  • Your Ideas Are Safe With Us
  • First Time Right Process
  • Innovation Is Guaranteed
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Co-Development Teams
  • DevOps Enablement
  • In-Depth Domain Knowledge
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Integrity & Transparency

Meet Our Leaders

One STOP solutions for your advanced technology needs. Our Strategic Solution helps you manage your database effectively.

Mahroof Poolamanna

Mahroof Poolamanna


Mahroof has been involved with Zivra Technologies to some capacity since its founding. Aside from managing the daily business operations, Mahroof works closely with Marketing to ensure that our brand is well represented.

Mohammad Mushtaq

Mohammad Mushtaq

Vice President

Mushtaq has over 19 years’ of experience in Information Technology, 7 of which have been dedicated to IT Management. He has extensive experience in technical supporting and IT Management.

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Riyadh IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

What are the advantages of hiring IT outsourcing

When you take services from an IT outsourcing company, you add more value to your business. You hand over your development tasks to them and focus more on your core business. Moreover, you save your development cost and time.

Why Riyadh software outsourcing companies are highly
preferred worldwide?

Riyadh has become a pool of highly skilled software developers who are available at very affordable prices. Moreover, Riyadh's friendly government policies for IT outsourcing make it a preferred place for global clients.

How to choose the right one from a pool of Riyadh IT
outsourcing companies?

There are a few parameters you can focus upon-
1) Years of experience
2) Technologies they work on
3) Work hours and culture
4) Their past project works

Why opt for software outsourcing companies rather than

Here are a few reasons you should hire an IT outsourcing company over freelancers-
1) IT outsourcing companies are professional
2) You can get easy replacements if you do not like the existing developers
3) You get signed NDAs
4) A project manager is aligned with you

What are the common engagement models Software
outsourcing companies offer?

As a software outsourcing company, we offer the following engagement models.
1) Dedicated team hiring- When you require dedicated attention towards your project a dedicated team is preferred.
2) Hourly model- If you have short term projects with time lapses, then hourly model works for you.
3) Fixed price- If you have a pre-defined and well planned project then fixed cost model fits in.

Will my data be safe if I partner with a software
outsourcing company?

As a recognised Riyadh software outsourcing company, we give high preference to data security. We make sure to sign an NDA before project on-boarding. This ensures your data privacy and project secrecy.

How do Software Outsourcing Companies in Riyadh
manage different time zones?

Like most of the Riyadh software development outsourcing companies, we also deal in different time zones. Here's how we do it-
1) Set clear requirements.
2) Visualize overlap hours
3) Set up communication channels.
4) Fix regular meetings in the overlap hours
5) Use project management tools

Will I have to bear the project setup cost if I partner with a software
outsourcing company?

No. In most of the cases, the software outsourcing companies are equipped with state-of-the art IT infrastructure. At ZIVRA TECHNOLOGIES, we provide complete IT support to our clients and offer our existing ready to serve setup to accelarate the project speed.